About Us

The Wy’East Education Association (WEA) is comprised of teachers and professionals from the schools that make up the Oregon Trail School District. The district encompasses the Sandy area, the Boring area, the villages of Mt. Hood, as well as all the areas in between. Teachers, Counselors, and Specialists throughout our six elementary schools, three middle schools, and Sandy High School work together to make sure that each school in our district is functioning at its best.

The WEA has a wide variety of missions.

  • To promote unity and strengthen the teaching profession.
  • To bargain in good faith with the school board for professional salaries, fringe benefits, working conditions, instructional improvements and all other professional interests of the members.
  • To advocate for the best interests of the members as well as for policy and legislation that is favorable to education.

In 2018, the WEA is just over 220 members strong and works continuously to make each member feel like an important and necessary part of the unified association. We are here to support each other and the welfare of the profession of education in general.